Kipling Road

Working closely with our Clients, Taylor Wimpey West Midlands and their planning consultants Barton Wilmore we were able to secure planning permission for 106 houses at the controversial Kipling Road site in Stratford upon Avon.

We engaged in a series of comprehensive ‘community involvement’ design meetings with Local Residents, Planning Officers, Ward Members and Parish Councillors right from the initial design stages.

Parties were given the opportunity to contribute to all aspect of the design starting with the initial road pattern, positions and types and heights of buildings, locations of public open space and detailed elevational treatments.

The scheme was also presented to the Town Council for further input.

Once the final 2 design solutions were produced a further public consultation event was held to establish residents’ preference for dual or single accesses from Kipling Road.

Once the final comments were incorporated and the application submitted the ‘transparency’ during the pre-application stages planning process was far simpler. The process was hailed a great success by the Residents, Planning Officers, Town and Parish Councillors alike and has been widely referred to as a blueprint for future major applications throughout the Borough of Stratford.